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Other resources for you

Weekly R&D Process Discussion Group

Our standing weekly Discussion Group where we meet to discuss R&D Tax Incentive ideas, processes, tools and examples.

R&D Tax Process Optimisation eBook

Learn how to optimise your R&D Processes to maximise your tax benefits with our eBook.

R&D Tax Incentive Records Checklist

Check if you have all the right records and how much you have missing out on. We are happy to help you out.

R&D Tax Incentive

Answer a few simple questions and we will send you a report on how well you are keeping records and how much you are missing out on.

R&D Tax Claim
Portal Guide

Get familiar with the RDTI Customer Portal and it can help you check whether you have got all the necessary records and details.

Software Rescue & Rewrite eBook

Software Maintenance for critical applications to reduce costs and avoid risk.

Software Rescue vs Rewrite Analysis Worksheet

A step-by-step decision matrix to work through to ensure you have all the right information to make informed and risk-managed solutions.

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