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Software Support & Maintenance Services

Providing you with mission critical custom software to support your operations.

We understand that custom software connects and automates processes, people and systems.

Softlogic Solutions Provides Software Support And Maintenance

We provide Software Support services to companies that have mission critical custom software supporting their operations.

We work with businesses that have custom software the connects and automates process, people and systems, such as manufacturing, product design or SAAS industries.

Operationally critical custom software upkeep

Find a home for your mission critical custom software with the team at Softlogic Solutions.

By outsourcing the maintenance of your software to our team of expert coders and developers you gain:

  • Access to a big pool of legacy software specialists with a wide variety of coding language expertise
  • A return to full reliability of your software, with proactive upkeep and monitoring to agreed Service Level and response times.
  • The ability to enhance or extend your program’s capabilities to keep it aligned to your business operations
  • Multi-sector and engineering experience without having to hire inhouse.
  • Required Business Analysts, Architects, Developers, and Testers on tap as needed.

Revamp Rather Than Redevelop

We take the approach of revamping and leveraging your existing software rather than moving to redevelop immediately.
This will give you faster results, immediate ROI and significant savings compared to redevelopment.

Legacy Software Rescue - Triage Process

We have a tried-and-true 3-step process for rescuing and rehabilitating legacy software.


  • We will gain an understanding your legacy software applications triaging what needs to be addressed immediately to get it back up and running.

  • Handover to our team to redress and update the application so that it can be back up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Document functions, features and technologies.

  • Propose a support plan for on-going stability.


  • Perform Software Audit and determine software bug list.

  • Monthly meetings to prioritise issues.

  • Apply Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements.

  • Provide Support Level 2 (System Issue) or Level 3 (Developer/Installer Issue).

  • Learn the details of how the software operates and formulate enhancement projects.


  • Restore the software to its full potential with upgrades and new features.

  • Projects to add new features and enhancements.

  • Projects to add new integrations and connectors.

  • Add new components such as Mobile App or Web Portal access, amongst others.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our Decision Process


Immediate triage and remediate most urgent issues


Put in place a support plan to ensure on-going stability


Document all the capabilities, functions and features of the application so that you have up to date specifications for easy reference to support ongoing maintenance


Audit and Determine software bug list and agree timelines


Apply Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements


Provide ongoing Support Level 2 (System Issue) or Level 3 (Developer/Installer Issue) with ongoing monitoring.

Software Rescue vs Rewrite Business Case

Deciding to rescue and maintain such software solutions versus rewriting or using off-the-shelf solutions can be difficult as navigating the options can be fraught with contradicting pro’s and con’s, so it is essential to understand the implications of each decision.

Read about the process in our Free ebook

Follow the process and determine whether you can maintain your existing software rather than redeveloping and save money.

Software Rescue or Rewrite Methodology eBook
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In addition to restoring your custom software to its full potential we also can extend the usefulness and life of the software on a project basis.

Add new features and enhancements or new integrations and connectors.

Add new components such as Mobile App or Web Portal access, amongst others.

R&D tax incentive support for new development, leveraging the IP held in your custom software.

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