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Custom Software: To Rescue or Replace?

Work out whether to keep or replace your mission-critical in-house custom software. 

Custom software is often at the heart of many misfired or over-budget IT projects and leaves the business at risk with an unreliable mission-critical software piece in place.

Old Software can be More Complex and Critical than it Appears

Old custom software usually has evolved over a long period of time. Its longevity is often at the heart of why it has not been maintained, as the original builders have moved on or the documentation has been lost or is incomplete.

To replace it will be a costly and risky project, and in-house consensus on the best way to move forward is fraught due to lack of certainty on costs.

Custom software fits into one of the three categories:



Needing a complete rebuild.


Can be rescued and re-platformed to modern operating environments, cost effectively.


An opportunity to extract IP and leverage R&D funding to update or rebuild it.

Rescue or Replace Workbook

  • Use it to help you determine the pros and cons of replace or rebuilding the software

  • Understand what you need to do to build a business case to move forward

  • Work out whether you have IP that is a missed opportunity for your business

This workbook is based on our tried and tested Orphan Software Rescue approach providing clarity and surety on the best path forward for our mission-critical software.

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