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Document Workflow Automation Services

Workflow automation to keep your processes streamlined and consistent.

  • Mobile Application Automation
  • Sharepoint registers with workflow.
  • GoCanvas and Appenate Automation.
  • Internal Application Integration Systems

Making low-coding app development available at a fraction of the time and cost it takes for traditional app development projects.

If you are a business that runs on delivery systems, service delivery in the field or other people, process and paper-heavy activity, a simple app to enable your workforce to work in a streamlined and consistent way is a boon.

Typical Scenarios

Typical scenarios are where staff may be struggling with complicated processes that utilise many different tools, or they may deal with complex macro-enabled Word or Excel files, or even an outdated Mobile Application. These situations are common across businesses.

However, developing an app for use in the field has always been prohibitive in terms of cost and return benefit.

Softlogic Solutions offers a new service in the market place that makes low-coding app development available to you at a fraction of the cost and time it takes for traditional app development projects.  

Lightweight App Development Capabilities

For businesses that have a dependence on people, paper and process, creating a way to automate or systemise these processes helps you to introduce time saving and robustness into your business.

Where the three P’s of People, Paper and Process are involved, an app that steps people through the process and ‘paperwork’ requirements can deliver many efficiencies and cost savings to a business.
Apps to help automate and systemise your internal processes can now be developed in days and weeks rather than months leveraging low code app development tools like Gocanvas, Appenate and Google app sheet.

Comparison of Approaches

Traditional App Development

  • 6 month plus development time frame 
  • Long testing and UAT time frame
  • Difficult to manage change requests into the process
  • More $$
  • Best suited to highly complex solutions that need to be deployed using the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Low Code App Development

  • 2-6 week development time frame 
  • Straight forward incremental and agile development
  • Testing and deploy immediately to field
  • Flexible tools – Make changes on the fly as you test, use and refine the application
  • Much less $
  • Ability to make changes inhouse
  • Best for those that deliver services built into their business where there are people, process and paper involved.

Workflows are the Solution

We develop smartphone or web apps that will provide tailored workflows that are easily maintained and extended, guiding the user through their daily tasks.  

Using low-coding development tools, the focus is on a well-designed solution to improve your inhouse efficiencies, reduce training and support costs, while increasing staff satisfaction and retention.

Our consultants will formulate and optimise application ideas using best practice workshops and prototyping tools. Through structured User Centred Design (UCD), create an Application that is a pleasure to use and becomes a valuable extension of your organisation.

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