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Custom Software Development Melbourne

Custom Software Development

Softlogic Solutions develop bespoke software within businesses that need to automate, streamline or extend their current business operations.

Regardless of whether you are trying to replace an existing system, or restore or rescue an existing program or set of programs, we can assist.

Software Development Processes

Our work focuses on businesses that have process, people and systems that need to be connected and automated, such as manufacturing or logistics.

We understand the need to connect human activity with the machinery and/ or processes that allows you to deliver your service or product to your customers.

Key things you need to know:

  • 100% risk free guarantee
  • Set project fees and $0 licensing fees
  • We deliver new software solutions perfectly aligned to your need
  • R&D consulting as part of your project for funding and IP extension opportunities

Covering all the essential programming languages

Located in Melbourne, the Softlogic team is the perfect combination of experience, oversight, design and critical thinking with a wide network and source of skills regardless of the programming language or nature of your project.

We bring the best fit skills to the table for a seamless project delivered to spec, on time and on budget with our unique outsourcing model.

We cover:

  • ReactJS (Hooks), React-router, Redux/MobX/Redux-saga, JEST/Enzyme, Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript/ES6, Bootstrap4.0+, Functional Programming, Prototyping/wire-framing, PSD2HTML, HTML5, CSS3/SASS, W3C and WCAG2.0 AA Standard
  • Node.js/ExpressJS, MaterialUI, AWS CI/CD deployment activity, ExpressJS, GraphQL, RESTful API, JSON, React Apollo client, React-router, Redux-forms, React Native/Expo, MaterialUI, JEST, Enzyme, SAP Hybris, JSP/JSPF
  • SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, MongoDB/Mongoose
  • Git/GitHub, Bitbucket, SourceTree, SVN, Agile tool – Rally, Trello, Jira, Adobe creative cloud Photoshop/Illustrator
  • On premise, Azure, Google and AWS deployments

Our resourcing sits across multiple locations and timezones and each team is assembled specifically to suit the requirements of your project, budget and timing.

The outcome is the only thing that you will need focus on.

Revamp Rather than Re-Develop

Revamp and modernize your custom legacy software to keep your business operating and extend the life of your custom application. Sometimes it is better to modernize and extend the life of a solution due to the mount of Intellectual Property embedded in the application.

If it has taken many years to get it right and still does what you need, but could do with some enhancements or modern features take a look at our Custom Software Rescue

Learn more Custom Legacy Software rescue

Project management

Our Project Managers will deliver. We operate to an agile incremental roadmap for each project to ensure that every project is delivered optimising the resourcing to your budget and time frames.

Learn more Project Management

Solution Architecture and Development for ROI and Longevity

The team’s long-lived experience allows us to design any custom software solution for the best ROI and an eye on longevity, looking at the cost effectiveness, reliability, scalability and performance.

We will also offer you options when it comes to local and offshore resources to arrange development, testing and deployment services.

Where it’s a good fit for your business, we also offer ‘low code solutions’ designed to remove project bloat of overly-complicated development work programs.

Surfacing your IP for R&D Funding

Every project starts with reviewing your current software capabilities. Where appropriate we will use our unique experience in R&D development to surface any IP you may have in custom software, processes or other areas of your business with a view to helping you build a project that is funded using R&D tax incentive grant money.

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