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R&D Tax Incentive

  • Learn how to optimise your R&D Processes to maximise your tax benefits.
  • Training Courses for getting you documentation and evidence under control
  • Case Studies and examples of how others have benefitted from the training
  • R&D Tax Incentive evidence checklist to help you check your compliance
  • R&D Process improvement eBook to help you get organised to make the most of the rebates

How solid is your current evidence?

Answer are few simple questions and receive a personally prepared report within 24 hrs.

Comprehensive R&D Tax Incentive FAQ

Find out everything about the R&D Tax Incentive from how to get started, how to maximise the benefits to how to prepare for audit

Check Out Our Courses

Get to know our Courses & Workshops, see how we can help you optimising your R&D Process and maximise your tax benefits.

View our Case Studies

View our informative case studies on R&D Process Optimisation to see how our clients are benefitting.

R&D Tax Incentive Checklist

Download our checklist to assess your records and find out how much more you could be claiming.

R&D Process Optimisation eBook

Get our R&D Process Ebook to help foster innovation in your business, simplify R&D record-keeping and conduct oversight and governance to keep on track.

join our Discussion Group

Get a link to Softlogic’s Discussion Group to improve your R&D Tax knowledge and help maximise your tax benefits.

View Our Tax Tips Videos

Tips for accessing the R&D Tax Incentive and how to optimise your R&D Processes.

What Our Customers Have to Say

A very professional and thorough service. George helped us to put the correct processes in place for our specific business. Correct and accurate record keeping is the crux of any R&D claim and George was instrumental in setting that up so that in the future our application for an R&D grant will flow smoothly. The manual George provided is very professionally put together and through Georges workshops we, as a company, have realised the importance of such thorough record keeping. In fact we hope that by improving our record keeping we will be able to increase our future claims. George also pointed out to us a couple of things that we were unaware that we could claim as R&D expenses. Very helpful!
Robyn Hodgson
Coolpac (Temperature Controlled Freight Packaging)
There are a lot of consultants out there that are ready to take your money to help you put in an R&D grant, but few that help with making sure you have the process in place to support that application - until now.
George has systematized his successful process for maintaining compliance records into a framework that was easy for us to adapt and apply to our way of working.
With plenty of high profile businesses being audited and found coming up short due to record keeping, we are now sleeping easy that we will not be one of them.

Paul Greenwell
Propel Ventures (Financial Software Development)
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Frank Jones
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Jack Brownn
Nick Duncan

Did your tax Consultant ask you to ensure you Keep all the right records?

Learn what records, their format and wording you need to substantiate and maximise your claim.

Sectors Optimised

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