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Software Services

  • Resources to help replace an existing software system, or restore or rescue an existing program or set of programs.
  • eBook to assist you in deciding between rescuing your existing software or rewriting
  • Case Studies of businesses that have benefitted from our services

Software Rescue vs Rewrite Analysis Worksheet

Our worksheet provides a step-by-step decision matrix to work through to ensure you have all the right information to make informed and risk-managed solutions. 

Graeme Perrins Videos Series

A vital watch if your business relies on unmaintained in-house software. Presented by guest IT architect Graeme Perrins who has dealt with these issues many times.

Rescue or Rewrite Decision eBook

Get the orphaned software triage process ebook and learn about our triage process to keep critical in-house software operating reliably for longer.

Software Rescue, Case Studies

View our informative case studies on Custom Software support, maintenance and rescue services for our major clients.

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