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R&D Tax


How to Maximise R&D Tax Claims Safely

What does maximising your R&D Tax Claim mean? We believe it means ensuring that you integrate record-keeping into your business processes so that you automatically, consistently, and repeatedly record all your investments from year to year. That way, nothing is missed and your claim will be fully maximised. It will also mean that you will be able to easily substantiate your claim should you be audited. You can achieve this by following six straight forward […]

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R&D Manual – Why is it the basis for audit survival?

The R&D Manual is the cornerstone of a well-structured documentation regime for surviving an AusIndustry or ATO Audit. Most Business Managers and CFOs that I have met are unaware of the audit process. From the start, the audit process is onerous because when the notice for a Request For Information (RFI) is received, it will contain very detailed questions that will require a substantial and considered response. This response may be difficult to prepare, as

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