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Alliance and Partnerships to
Safeguard your clients R&D Tax Claim through Process Improvement

Make real a difference to your client's audit preparedness with additional services.

Save time, increase success fees and commissions to improve your bottom line at the same time.

Alliance And Partnerships To Safeguard Your Client's R&D Tax Claim Through Process Improvement

Make a real difference to your client’s audit preparedness with additional services.

Save time, and increase success fees and commissions to improve your bottom line at the same time.

Reasons to Contact Us Now


Do you worry about how your clients will fare in an R&D Tax Incentive audit?

THE Patchy RECORDS dilemma

Are you sure clients have  sufficient records to claim their fair and reasonable expenses?

prep overhead

Are the claims taking too long to prepare? Does it take several client meetings to tease out the information?


Do you understand your client’s R&D Process sufficiently to advise them on how to improve it?

Manage the risk, improve the processes, increase the claim

As an R&D Tax Advisor, ensuring your clients are keeping the right records and undertaking the right processes to support their R&D Tax Incentive can cause you a serious dilemma while preparing their claim.

You have advised them well, yet come claim preparation time, there always seems to be patchy paperwork, doubt on some items and acceptance that the claim is not the maximum amount possible, simply because you must ensure that they are compliant and safe in the event that they are audited.

Unique Client-Support Solutions

You can better support your clients R&D activity, ensure they are safe in case of audit and safely maximise their claim.

Record & Process Templates

Provide the tools and processes to give your clients a head start to maintain compliance

Instructor-led Training

Provide specialised assistance to help optimise client’s R&D processes

Online Training Courses

Self-paced learning and templates to align The client’s Internal R&D Processes

Governance and Oversight

Monthly client governance and oversight to guide and check records

Unique Bureau Service for your clients

We are a unique bureau service servicing R&D Consultants to provide the safety net you are looking for to:

  1. Provide an additional Product Range – template packs and training courses – revenue
  2. Products that are a differentiator in the market – increases sales
  3. Trained clients will require less documentation gathering time and meetings at the end of the year – savings
  4. Clients will cost less to service each year – savings
  5. Trained clients will generally be able to claim more you having to de-risk the claim – increased Success Fee
  6. Informed  clients will reduce the risks to the Tax Consultants – reduce your exposure
    Safeguard your client at audit
  7. Increase efficiency at audit time to make it quick and clean – savings
  8. Distinguish your organisation from your competitors with a white-glove care approach – growth.

Benefits to clients

On average, increase of 30% in their R&D Tax Claim.

Benefits to you

Provide a Service that assists your clients, saves you time and money and increases success fees.

What Our Customers Have to Say

A very professional and thorough service. George helped us to put the correct processes in place for our specific business. Correct and accurate record keeping is the crux of any R&D claim and George was instrumental in setting that up so that in the future our application for an R&D grant will flow smoothly. The manual George provided is very professionally put together and through Georges workshops we, as a company, have realised the importance of such thorough record keeping. In fact we hope that by improving our record keeping we will be able to increase our future claims. George also pointed out to us a couple of things that we were unaware that we could claim as R&D expenses. Very helpful!
Robyn Hodgson
Coolpac (Temperature Controlled Freight Packaging)
There are a lot of consultants out there that are ready to take your money to help you put in an R&D grant, but few that help with making sure you have the process in place to support that application - until now.
George has systematized his successful process for maintaining compliance records into a framework that was easy for us to adapt and apply to our way of working.
With plenty of high profile businesses being audited and found coming up short due to record keeping, we are now sleeping easy that we will not be one of them.

Paul Greenwell
Propel Ventures (Financial Software Development)

Help your clients, Offer them innovative solutions.

Reduce your costs.

Save your time.

Increase Efficiency.

Increase Revenue

Experienced 'innovators'

We are a team of engineers and software developers with over 20 years’ experience developing new products, leveraging the R&D Tax Incentive Scheme to fund our R&D. Over that time, we’ve developed templates and processes to systemise the approach and ensure that come claim preparation time, the R&D Tax Consultant is able to confidently and safely claim the maximum amount of expenses.


As you know, the devil is in the detail of implementing R&D work and ensuring that its is expressed scientifically in areas where this would not naturally occur. We provide the framework to help put in place the right consistent documentation and processes to ensure clients are far better prepared for an audit.

Example Client Resource - download and share

Softlogic Solutions creds

Long experience in multi-sector, engineering & R&D tax incentive project experience

Wide range of technologies & languages with onshore-offshore model

Dedicated project management

Over 20 years working with custom software, IP & government funded IT projects

Intellectual Property Rights protection

Rapid and Robust Software Development 

Sectors Optimised

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