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Find out more with our community

  • Discuss your R&D Process optimisation at our discussion group sessions.
  • Read our Case Studies to learn how we have helped numerous businesses make the most of the R&D Tax Incentive.

R&D Tax Incentive Weekly Discussion Group

  • Our standing weekly Discussion Group where we meet to discuss R&D Tax Incentive ideas, processes, tools and examples.
  • A community for like-minded innovators.
  • Register for our Discussion Group to improve your R&D Tax Knowledge and help maximise your tax benefits.

Case Studies Of The R&D Tax Incentive At Work

  • Learn how other business substantiates more and increase their benefits by implementing the 6-Step R&D Tax Implementation Framework.
  • Learn how other companies improve their documentation to be better prepared for an Audit and substantiate more of their claim.

R&D Tax Incentive Records Discussion Group

 Discussion Group to improve your R&D Tax knowledge and help maximise your tax benefits.

Case Studies of R&D Tax Process Optimisation at work

Broaden your knowledge by viewing our valuable case studies relating to R&D Tax Incentives.

Download our R&D Tax Records Health Checklist

Download our checklist to confirm you are keeping the  required records and what templates you need.

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