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Our streamlined R&D Tax Incentive Templates give you A Head Start

  • Don't try to learn how to optimise your documentation, we have done the hardwork
  • Give your team a head start with our Templates and User Manual
  • Learn how to tame the R&D Tax Incentive Record-Keeping
  • Optimise your R&D Processes to maximise your tax benefits.

Template Packs with Examples


Comprehensive template packs to cover all the documentation and evidence required by AusIndustry. 

A complete set of templates that:

  • Improve productivity by making it quick and easy to complete by your team.
  • Increase consistency and accuracy of information captured by all staff, both present and future.
  • Ease the process using detailed instructions and examples built right into the templates.
  • Confirm eligibility, correct wording and completeness of evidence with our checklists and examples.
  • Portal Guide provided to assist you to log in and make your claim.
  • Ensure your claim has 100% of the evidence required by AusIndustry as part of your business as usual activity.

Templates - Instructions included

Templates - Examples Provided

What's Included?


Essential Template Package

→  5 core templates are provided that support the R&D Systematic Progression.

→  An R&D methodology is provided in the Template User Manual on how to manage your R&D.

→  Additional templates are provided to facilitate customisation for your specific needs.


Complete Template Package

  Advanced templates are provided for larger teams.

  An R&D Management Dashboard and R&D Process Manual Template facilitate achieving consistency within larger teams and between project teams.


  We recommend the Diagnostic Workshop prior to using the template pack.


R&D Tax Template User Manual

→  How to use the templates

→  How to conduct R&D Review Meetings

Easy To Use Templates

  All contain detailed instructions

  References to online resources

Abundant Resources

  Confirm eligibility, correct wording and completeness of evidence with our checklists and examples

  RDTI Customer Portal Guide will help you locate all necessary records and details, quickly and easily complete and submit your claim

Template Pack Options

ESSENTIAL Template Pack

→  Core Templates

→  Supporting Extra


Hone your R&D processes using our Essential Templates – suitable for smaller teams or businesses with a small number of R&D Projects.


COMPLETE Template Pack

→  Core Templates

→  Advanced Templates

→  Supporting Extra

Suitable for larger teams and businesses conducting many R&D Projects each year. Provides R&D Procedure Manual and R&D Management Dashboard

Diagnostic & Strategy Workshop

→  Perfect Compliment To A Template Pack


Our instructor can provide diagnostic & strategy training for you and your team. You can get immediate feedback from the instructor. The workshop recording is available for review.

Need Help Preparing the Evidence?

→  Documentation &  Evidence Prepared For You


We prepare all the R&D detailed evidence needed for a Tax claim. We can support you whether you have the full evidence or not, whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned claimer.

What Our Customers Have to Say

A very professional and thorough service. George helped us to put the correct processes in place for our specific business. Correct and accurate record keeping is the crux of any R&D claim and George was instrumental in setting that up so that in the future our application for an R&D grant will flow smoothly. The manual George provided is very professionally put together and through Georges workshops we, as a company, have realised the importance of such thorough record keeping. In fact we hope that by improving our record keeping we will be able to increase our future claims. George also pointed out to us a couple of things that we were unaware that we could claim as R&D expenses. Very helpful!
Robyn Hodgson
Coolpac (Temperature Controlled Freight Packaging)
There are a lot of consultants out there that are ready to take your money to help you put in an R&D grant, but few that help with making sure you have the process in place to support that application - until now.
George has systematized his successful process for maintaining compliance records into a framework that was easy for us to adapt and apply to our way of working.
With plenty of high profile businesses being audited and found coming up short due to record keeping, we are now sleeping easy that we will not be one of them.

Paul Greenwell
Propel Ventures (Financial Software Development)
We have engaged SoftLogic to help us with the process of reviewing our R&D artefacts and preparing the R&D manual. Prior to engaging SoftLogic, our knowledge of R&D was very generic and not quite aligned with the software development process. George has been really helpful throughout the process with articulating what needs to be done to ensure we are compliant with the R&D audit process. He was able to make this process very smooth for us and clarify our gaps. It's been a great experience. We are happy with the service that we received. I'd highly recommend this service.
Ali Nazemian
Brolly (Social Media Safety Software Development)
I thoroughly recommend George Mirabelli to assist anyone to comply with the R&D requirements to attain registration. He is very easy to work with, can explain the situation in plain English and has the tenacity to work through all your issues.

Neil Pentland
DecoNetwork (SAAS Solutions for textile Industry)
I have been dealing with George for a little while now and have been so appreciative of the assistance and time he has provided with our R&D Grants. I can highly recommend George and his templated systems to anyone needing to be R&D compliant.

Avril Southon
Women at Work Painters (House & Commercial Painting)
George has helped refine our R&D systems and procedures and delivered an easy to adopt step-by-step process. Additionally he has assisted onboarding new team members with thorough training and guidance.

Penelope Bettison
VALO Corporation (Advanced Technology Company with its Core in LED lighting)
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Frank Jones
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Jack Brownn
Nick Duncan

Did your tax Consultant ask you to ensure you Keep all the right records?

Learn what records, their format and wording you need to substantiate and maximise your claim.

R&D Tax Incentive FAQ

For new and experienced claimers

Everything you need to know about in our FAQ.

Find the answers you need to reduce your headaches.

Want to check your R&D Documentation?
Get the R&D Tax Incentive Checklist

Sectors Optimised

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Our standing weekly Discussion Group where we meet to discuss R&D Tax Incentive ideas, processes, tools and examples.

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