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Case Studies

Softlogic Solutions Case Studies

A selection of our past projects are shown below for you to review.

We have examples in

  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Transport
  • Defense
  • Transport and Logistics

Cross Platform Web Portal

Our client required an App and Customer Portal to optimise their workforce productivity.  We developed a large scale, high volume solution utilising Cloud technologies to accelerate implementation while increasing reliability and cost-effectiveness. Our consultants performed business requirements analysis, architectural solution design and project management. Our client is enjoying the benefit of an App that operates on either Apple iOS or Android smartphones, with tailored customer web views, dashboards and reporting.

Purchasing Optimisation System

Working with AusIndustry funding and a local development team, we implemented a purchasing analysis and cost reduction system for our client. The system is used by our client’s staff to optimise their customers future purchases by analysing past purchase data. As a result of the web-based implementation, optimised user interface design and workflow-based approach, our client’s operational efficiency has been significantly improved. The client received an AusIndustry Excellence Award for the solution.

Digital Video Recorder

Our multinational client was interested in determining the feasibility of digital video recorder product development in Australia. Our consultants examined the feasibility of local development and coordinated the development of a next generation video recorder with solid state storage and wireless docking for police vehicles and commuter buses. The client has successfully sold the video recorders in Australia and the USA.

Insurance Enterprise Solution Project Management

A multinational insurance company, developing a next generation insurance system in Australia harnessed our consultants to provide project management services for a large JAVA/WebSphere software development. Our user-centred design expertise ensured a high quality and streamlined solution. Our team worked to bring the project to completion on time. This solution continues to provide significant advantages to insurance companies in Australia and the UK.

Radar User Interface Simulator

A significant challenge presented when our team was called upon to develop a User Interface simulator for a large radar system in Australia.  The simulator was needed to allow the radar technology to be demonstrated at trade shows around the world. Although initially used for marketing it was later used for training purposes. The simulator was the centrepiece for a visit from the Governor General to the project office, and our consultants had the honour of presenting the interactive demonstration.   

Safety Camera System

Our consultant managed the development of a fish-eye camera video recording product used to monitor vehicles in high accident areas. The cameras record a full 360-degree view of high-incident locations for analysis and identification of safety issues. The product is deployed at various locations around Australia and has led to the implementation of many life-saving safety measures.

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