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Custom Legacy Software Maintenance

Companies that have mission critical custom software supporting their operations.

We rescue old in-house custom software, that is still mission critical to your business operations so that it can be reliable, bug free and supporting you current business needs.

Legacy Software Rescue - Triage Process

We have a tried and true three step process for rescuing and rehabilitating legacy software

Resuscitation – Get It Working Again As Quickly As Possible

  • We will gain an understanding your legacy software applications triaging what needs to be addressed immediately to get it back up and running.

  • Handover to our team to redress and update the application so that it can be back up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Document functions, features and technologies.

  • Propose a support plan for on-going stability.

Rejuvenation – Iron Out Bugs, Ensure It Performs Optimally

  • Perform Software Audit and Determine software bug list

  • Monthly meetings to prioritise issues

  • Apply Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Provide Support Level 2 (System Issue) or Level 3 (Developer/Installer Issue)

Renovation – Increase The Useful Lifespan

  • Restore the software to its full potential with upgrades and new features

  • Projects to add new features and enhancements

  • Projects to add new integrations and connectors

  • Add new components such as Mobile App or Web Portal access, amongst others.

  • 30 day money back guarantee
SoftLogic Solutions - Software Rescue or Replace Methodology
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