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Case Study

R&D Tax Incentive Example - Hydrochem Case Study

Hydrochem R&D Tax Incentive Workshops

The following is a R&D Tax Incentive example of how our Framework maximised Hydrochem’s claim and reduced their Audit Risk. HyrdoChem is a specialist company that services and design products to keep water-based systems clean and hygienic. They work with air conditioning, wastewater, chemical process systems, and so much more!  They are the people that keep us safe in large buildings such as hospitals to stop airborne diseases such as legionnaires disease from being transmitted […]

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Propel Ventures Case Study

Propel Venture R&D Tax Implementation Workshops

Lets review Propel Ventures as an R&D Tax Incentive example. What if your entire business is to innovate and look for the new opportunities by doing things differently. And what if you are doing this on behalf of other companies. The responsibility to get it right is hefty. Propel Ventures is one of those companies fill with amazingly bright and creative people. Applying their skills on behalf of other companies to bring to life new

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Integrity Sampling Case study

Integrity Sampling Workflow Automation Software Development & Maintenance

SoftLogic Solutions speciality is Workflow Automation and Custom Software development maintenance which leads to us working with many different businesses across Australia. One such business is leading drug and alcohol screening provider Integrity Sampling Australia (ISA). As part of the Australian occupational health and safety regimes for workplace, ensuring workers are safe is an employer’s responsibility. For some businesses, to achieve this, they require a trusted and reliable drug and alcohol screening program. Integrity Sampling

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Lapbase Case Study

Lapbase Orphaned Software Rescue

Medical procedures these days aren’t just about what happens in the consulting suite, instead there are enormous ongoing monitoring and compliance requirements for certain types of treatments, in particular weightloss surgeries. Lapbase is a highly specialised and custom monitoring software service to support bariatric surgeons with their weight loss solutions for their patients. Ongoing monitoring and the ability to trust the data being transmitted back from the patient is essential. SoftLogic Solutions worked with Lapbase

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CoolPac Case Study

Coolpac R&D Implementation

Australia is a country of wide temperature ranges, but mostly we expect and work in a hot climate. That means shipping temperature sensitive products is a challenge. Coolpac is a packaging company that is innovating in the space of temperature packing systems. They have a research and development program that is focused on finding the best ways to keep products at a desired consistent temperature while shipping. Much of their innovation and new product development

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