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How To Check My Business Is Eligible, And My R&D Is Suitable?

Start by checking your company eligibility:

  1. An Australian Company
  2. Spending more than $20,000 on eligible R&D.

For more information, you can view it here.

Then check your R&D eligibility:

  • Conduct Core R&D that meets the criteria in blog: How Do I Get Started With R&D Tax Incentive?
  • Before that your Core R&D is not an excluded core R&D activity
  • Conduct Supporting R&D activities that directly relate to a core R&D activity (and, in some cases, that you conduct for the dominant purpose of supporting a core R&D activity)

For more information, you can download the R&D Tax Incentive Guide to Interpretation, or visit here.

To claim the Core R&D and associated Supporting R&D expenses, you need to capture information about how to decided you needed the R&D and how you determined the eligibility, and how you confirmed the Hypothesis was achieved or not.

There are many process steps that need to be included in your business processes and systems so they are not forgotten, you might like to refer to our R&D Process Optimisation eBook.

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