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I Want To Increase The R&D Funds That I Have, Is It Possible To Access My Refund In Advance?

Some tax agencies can help you advance your refund. When you apply for the R&D Tax Incentive, there is an opportunity for your accountant to advance your tax refund, giving you a cash flow boost of up to 80%. Not only you can get an early tax refund, but also can improve your capital and cash flow position. This allows you to spend more money on R&D and have better budgets.

Here is the information of the R&D Tax Credit Loan from Fund Squire: An R&D loan is a new type of financial instrument that allows a company to use its future R&D tax credit payments as collateral for an affordable loan. The R&D tax credit is a sustainable source of operating cash for many Australian firms, every year. View more.

Here is the information of Radium Advance from Radium Capital: A Radium Advance is a one-off burst of capital when your business needs it most. Don’t wait up to 18 months for your tax refund. A Radium Advance is a cash flow friendly and cost-effective way to finance your R&D now. View more.

We provide R&D Process optimisation through Workshops and Training courses that will help you keep the records required by the Radium Capital and Fund Squire in order to provide you with a loan. Find out our Courses and Templates.

Before you get too far, it’s better for you to conduct a Self-Audit questionnaire to receive a report, you will know how well your evidence is managed and how much you are missing out on.

If you want to discuss your specific situation, book a 10-minute consultation with us.

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