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With R&D Tax Incentive, How Do I Make Sure I Don’t Have To Pay It Back?

The Australian Government offers rebates on R&D work that meets specific criteria to encourage Australian businesses to innovate.

Over the last ten years of working with the R&D Tax Incentive, the most common mistake we see is the documentation doesn’t meet the correct ‘scientific language and format’ that the Government require and that there is not a complete set of ‘documents’ to substantiate the ‘claim’. Not getting this right makes your application to claim ineligible.

Use our checklist to ensure you do not fail your claim this year. Our checklist is comprehensive and will help you to align your work and supporting documentation, so that come claim time, you will have everything your accountant requires to complete it and ensure that nothing found within the application triggers an audit. Find out more about our Checklist.

Maybe you would like to get a self-assessment of your R&D tax claim, check out our Self-Audit service. By doing a Self-Audit questionnaire, you can complete and receive a personal report written by our consultants. You can find out how well you are keeping records and how much you are missing out on.

We have several training options for you that can help you optimise your R&D Process and maximise your R&D Tax benefits:

  • Instructor-Led Training Workshops: One of our instructors can provide personalised and comprehensive Training and Workshops for you and your team.
  • R&D Tax Incentive Template Packs: Comprehensive template pack includes all templates that you need to prepare for your claim. All templates have instructions for each section, you can easily understand and fill in the templates.
  • Online Training Course: Learn at your own pace with the Online Video Courses that also include a Template pack to get you started quickly.
  • Period Auditing Options: Arrange for our team to periodically spot check or audit your R&D projects to verify process adherence.
  • Monthly Coaching & Support Options: Monthly instructor access for assistance with R&D process optimisation, template usage, audits, and governance.

If you are not sure what help you should get, book a 10-minute consultation to discuss your specific situation.

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