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How Do I Check My Overseas R&D Is Eligible?

To find an overseas R&D activity eligible it must meet each of the following four requirements:

  1. Your overseas R&D activity must be an eligible R&D activity
  2. There must be a scientific link to an Australian core R&D Activity
  3. The overseas R&D activity must not be able to be conducted in Australia or its external Territories.
  4. The costs of overseas R&D activities must be less than the costs of related R&D activities undertaken solely in Australia.

For more information, you can view it here. There is also an Application Guidance for Advance and Overseas finding guide that you can download.

What we can do, is provide you with the Instructor-Led Training workshops or Service & Coaching Options, discuss with you about your Overseas R&D activities and help you prepare your evidence, enhance your record-keeping processes, make sure you can maximise your benefits.

If you are not sure what help you should get, book a 10-minute consultation to discuss your specific situation.

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