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How Do I Get Help With The Completing The Claim Form for R&D Tax Incentive?


Before you start claiming, you should have all your well-managed and correct records in place. Over the last ten years of working with the R&D Tax Incentive, the most common mistake we see is the documentation doesn’t meet the correct ‘scientific language and format’ that the Government require and that there is not a complete set of ‘documents’ to substantiate the ‘claim’.

Not getting this right makes your application to claim ineligible. To get more information on how we can help you with your record-keeping process, please see the blog post – What Records Are Needed for R&D Tax Incentive?

We can help you with the claim process by introducing to you the RDTI Portal Guide. This guidance contains all features in the RDTI Customer Portal and notes to help you find relevant documents and details from our Template Packs. This will increase the efficiency of your claiming process and brings you convenience. Download the RDTI Portal Guide now!

The RDTI Portal Guide is also included in our Workshops, Template Packs and Online Courses. Let’s find out now! 

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