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The ATO Is Going To Review My Claim For The R&D Tax Incentive, What Do I Do?

You don’t need to worry about the audit if you have well-managed record-keeping. During an audit, they will ask you to provide evidence of your claim, for example, your project activity list, experimental test plan and results. So, you just need to keep all your records; when they ask, you provide the evidence to them.

The way to solve your headaches is to create a system supported by templates. It removes the need to ‘create’ new documents, takes the guesswork out of the process by providing a checklist to work through and, once in place, saves time in the process. It is also the best way to manage the risk of triggering an audit with missing documentation at application time.

We can help you if you are concerned about your current record-keeping and claim process. We have a complete set of templates included Workshops and Online Courses if you wanted help to implement or check how you are applying the templates to your work. Check out our Workshops and Courses.

Book a 10-minute consultation with us, and we will see what we can help to reduce your headache.

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