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8. Graeme Perrins – Advantages of Softlogic Orphaned Software Triage Process

8. Graeme Perrins - Advantages of Softlogic Orphaned Software Traige Process
Hi Graeme, thanks for making the time to catch up with me. Thanks, George, for the opportunity as well to talk about this.

Graeme, the approach of Softlogic where we look at resuscitating the orphan software and getting it working again rejuvenating it by bringing it up to the latest tools and maybe libraries, and then we look to renovate to see how we can extend it make use of it and keep it running, can be a significant cost saving to companies when compared to looking at that orphan solution and saying well no one wants to maintain it, we should replace it what do you think of those choices and which way should people go?

George, I think also as we mentioned the sort of the businesses need to be aware the risks inherent in just taking the orphan software and say well no one can understand this thing we can’t find any technology vendor to support it, let’s put in the rubbish bin if you like let’s write it off in terms of that business function well now you’ve got an immediate problem you know that business still needs to operate and then you’ve got that risk of having to go back and try to understand what those requirements are after the fact and also that risk of, well wait a second we’ve got this wealth of data we need to make sure we bring that forward as well so I think you know in terms of that sort of cost to benefit, there’s also that risk side of it that has to be evaluated and so even being able to get an organisation like yours to be able to do that initial review if you like of understanding more what is that technology it’s actually built on and you know how old is it is there a migration path that’s defined for that technology and even starting to understand what those rules are that that IP inherent in there even that sort of assessment would be a value because that forms part of that business case, but it also forms how you quantify that business risk and that case and the risk come together to then say you know what this is a risk we’re not prepared to go forward with as a business, we need to address this and then you have that those options to explore as to how you extend the lifespan of it, how do you look at a replacement option, how do you extract that IP. Yeah definitely.

Graeme, so you can see that the service we provide where we investigate that orphan software is important. A lot of people are in a sense of calm and a steady-state environment where things are working, but they’re sitting on these time bombs. I think they need to take some action to locate those things, bring Softlogic in so we can assess those particular solutions and find ways to maintain them and to look after them properly and keep them running reliably for the client.

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