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7. Graeme Perrins – Lessons learned rescuing orphaned software

7. Graeme Perrins - Lessons learned rescuing orphaned software
Hi Graeme, thanks for making the time to catch up with me. Thanks, George, for the opportunity as well to talk about this.

So, Graham, summing up what do you think are the lessons that we can learn from the orphan software area?

George, we know from experience that the orphan software doesn’t rear its head until one of those aha moments happen, and when that happens, it typically is a pressure point where you don’t have a lot of time to react. So I guess because the orphan software is under the radar or in the shadow IT, you need to realise and recognise if in your business you are dependent upon pieces of software technology that are not supported. Within that business you want to get ahead of the game, so you want to identify that before you’re in the aha moment. If you end up there or you’ve identified some, then you want to be able to connect to a team who are the people who can help you out. That help might be extending the lifespan, or that help might be extracting that IP and knowledge out of that orphaned piece of software, to enable you to make the best-informed choices of your options going forward.

So I think it would be recognising where the orphan software exists, understanding what the criticality is to that software if that stopped working tomorrow what would that mean to you, what would you do the next piece is, who would you be able to connect with to help you forward. I think if as an organisation, you start thinking about those questions and get an answer to it. I guess like anything it’s being prepared for when that happens so you can’t ignore this little piece of software that may not be that has been offered that has no ownership because it will bite you if you get to one of those aha moments without a plan.

Graeme, so you can see that the service we provide where we investigate that orphan software is important. A lot of people are in a sense of calm and a steady-state environment where things are working, but they’re sitting on these time bombs. I think they need to take some action to locate those things, bring Softlogic in so we can assess those particular solutions and find ways to maintain them and to look after them properly and keep them running reliably for the client.

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