1. Graeme Perrins – Welcome and Introduction

1. Graeme Perrins - Welcome

Software specialist – Graeme Perrins and George Mirabell

– Graeme Perrins is Director Platform Engineering at Deloitte Australia. A professional in IT as a software or systems architect, and worked in the IT industry for coming up to 30 years

– George Mirabell is a RnD Tax Incentive Processes and Records Whiz. He is specialized in R&D Tax Incentive Help, Training Workshops and Coaching to maximise the benefits to fund projects and reduce audit risk and also specialising in the maintenance of custom in-house software to extend its useful life and ROI.

Hi Graeme, thanks for taking the time to catch up with me, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thanks George, for the opportunity to talk about this. I’m a professional in IT as a software or systems architect, and I’ve worked in the IT industry for coming up to 30 years. Within that, I have worked across several different industries, and technology domains focused on software architecture. Predominantly, with a focus around the design of IT systems and how to structure those solutions, and what sort of platforms and technology choices you make, for those solutions to get delivered.

Graeme, have you been in charge of an IT group before?

Yes, more in terms of in charge of architects or team leadership, and the majority of the time really around projects. So when there’s a project to develop a solution, I get involved in that architecture role through that solution.

That’s Fantastic Graeme.

Watch/Podcast full series to know Graeme and George

Meet Graeme – software specialist

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